Mission and Vision


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The foundation of the IO MPS program is community. Community is at the heart of our program and serves as the foundation for our three core values. A strong, proactive community helps to build an inclusive and collaborative culture, it fosters student learning and development, and provides a safe space for our diverse student body. 

Program Values

The principles that guide our program are: 

  • Collaborative Culture
    • Our program culture is distinctive: we work hard to provide an inclusive, supportive, synergetic, and intellectually challenging environment. We make sure that every person in our community feels comfortable to bring their whole self into the program. We understand that each of our students (and faculty) are focused on many things, including: school, work, family, self-care, and other responsibilities, and we build on this understanding in each of our interactions. You matter, here. UMD IO MPS scholars are kind, ambitious, considerate, cooperative - and ready to learn and improve organizations and revolutionize the field of IO psychology. 
  • Growth and Development
    • Your IO training in our program goes far beyond a letter grade. Each professor in our program cares about making sure that students are learning and applying the knowledge and skills being taught in the classroom. The goal is to train students to think and approach problems in an analytical and productive way. The faculty support students and alumni through their personal learning journeys - the goal is not to memorize, but to grow. We also strive to provide opportunities for students to develop their skills through participating in applied experiences and group career development seminars. Given the varied experiences and backgrounds of each of our cohorts, students also routinely learn from each other. This multifaceted model of training, with classes, applied experiences, career guidance, and networking together builds a bedrock for learning and skill development. 
  • Diversity
    • A community is most powerful when it is a mosaic. The diversity within and across the IO MPS cohorts makes our program unique. We focus on fostering the growth of students from a wide range of intersectional identities, experience levels, career paths, work tenure, and more. Our students range from new graduates to mid- and seasoned-career practitioners with different experiences, backgrounds, and goals.