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Industrial Organizational (IO) Psychology is the study of people in the workplace. IOs work throughout industry – in consulting, human resources and training departments, government, research, and academia – to improve the well-being and outcomes of employees and organizations. IO psychologists help organizations:

>>recruit, hire, train, retain, evaluate, and promote the best talent

>>cultivate and change organizational processes and culture 

>>develop leaders and optimize teams 

>>build supportive and inclusive cultures 

>>drive business decisions using theory and data

>>improve diversity and inclusion efforts and impact in organizations 


Whether you have recently graduated with an undergraduate degree and are preparing to enter the workforce, or you an early or mid-career professional looking to hone your skills, the UMD IO Master’s of Professional Studies (MPS) provides the training you need to get ahead at work and open new doors in your career.

At UMD, students receive rigorous training in empirically-supported best practices in IO psychology. Students will develop advanced knowledge of statistical and research methods in business settings, business fundamentals, selection and assessment, talent development, organizational change, and performance management. We also offer training for students on professional development topics, including presentation and consulting skills. The UMD Master’s in IO Psychology is unique in its emphasis on helping students become skilled both in garnering insights from data and research and in working with individuals and organizations to put those insights in action. 


Our Approach


Learn from the Experts

We have four full-time faculty affiliated solely with our IO MPS program. All faculty are industry experts and have a wide range of experiences they bring into the classroom. Each of the faculty are heavily invested in students' learning, development, and overall success - both in and out of the classroom. Faculty invest in students' success when teaching courses, mentoring, providing out of class opportunities, or assisting with expanding your network. At times, courses will be taught by adjunct faculty who are IO professionals with a wealth of experience. 


What can I do with my IO MPS Degree?

Sampling of Jobs in IO psychology

IO Psychology is such a broad field that professionals don't just hold the title of "IO Psychologist". IOs are employed in many sectors, departments, and fields. The image shows just a handful of job titles that can be held by IO psychologists.

The training we offer in our program can lay the foundation for success in many roles, like the ones you see here. Can you picture yourself in any of these jobs?

Learning and Development Analyst  |  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager  |  People Analytics Lead  |  Employee Engagement Analyst  Training and Development Manager   Selection and Assessment Manager   HR Generalist   Organizational Effectiveness Consultant   Employment Testing Specialist   Talent Development Manager   Research Analyst   Organizational Talent Consultant   People Research Scientist   IO Psychology Consultant   Testing and Assessment Specialist   Applied Social Scientist   Human Capital Consultant   Organizational Development Consultant   Personnel Psychologist



US News and World Report ranked IO psychology as #3 in Best Science Jobs with a low unemployment outlook and a strong job market, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the median income for I/O psychologists at $96,270. 

I/O psychologists are hired in the public sector - federal, state, or local governments, in the private sector - large corporations, consulting firms, or small businesses, non-profits, colleges and universities, and more. Our alumni have gone on to work in organizations, such as: Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, US Federal Government, US Department of Defense, Gartner, Johns Hopkins, Pew Research Center, WeWork, and many more! 


What Skills will you Acquire?

Skills Developed


Our program offers classes that provide an in-depth view of IO topic areas, mentoring, and out-of-class consulting experiences to gain practical skills.

Data Analytics  |  Data-Driven Decision Making  |  Develop Selection Procedures  | Job Analysis  |  Identify Training & Development Needs  |  Develop Training Programs + Program Evaluation  |  Design Effective Performance Management Systems  |  Give Employee Feedback and Coaching  |  Business Understanding  |  Stakeholder Management  | Organizational Change Interventions  |  Effective Change Management

This holistic experience provides IO MPS students a thorough understanding of the field of IO, as well as an opportunity to develop critical and analytical skills, build practical experience, and come out with an understanding of how to use their knowledge, skills, and experience to help organizations solve crucial issues.




Navigating Your Path

Use the guide below to learn more about our program and how you can navigate your path in the field of IO psychology.


Navigate Your Path


1. Get To Know Us

We offer several avenues through which you can learn about our Master's in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology program. We encourage you to go through and take advantage of every resource to explore our program to ensure how we can be the right fit for you. 

On our website, you can learn about the nuts and bolts of our program, what we look for in our applicants, and what opportunities are available to our students.

You can also check out our:

  • Instagram: for program information, IO content, and program events you can attend
  • LinkedIn Page: for interesting IO articles, infographics, and more created by our incredible students

2. Let Us Know Who You Are

We enjoy meeting prospective students and helping you on your career journey. There are several ways you can get more information about the program, while sharing with us a little bit about yourself too!  Consider joining one or both of the events and initiatives: 

You may also:

3. Apply For Admission

Find more information about our Admissions Process hereIf you have any questions about admissions, we may have an answer for you on our Admissions FAQ page

Are you an international student? Check out our international student admissions resource here

Did you know you may not have to wait until Fall to start our program? We accept students into our cohorts twice a year: in the SPRING and in the FALL. Domestic students are eligible to apply for either cohort, whereas International students are eligible to apply for Fall cohorts. Learn all about our admissions process and what we look for in our applicants on our Admissions page. 

  • The Spring cohort starts in late February/ early March each year.
  • The Fall cohort starts in late August each year. 

4. Life of a UMD IO MPS Student

Once you are a student in the program, you will have access to: