IO Apprenticeship Program FAQs

The following are general IOAP-related FAQs. If you have any questions that we have not addressed here, please contact us at iomps [at]


What is the IO Apprenticeship Program? 

  • The IOAP is a program hosted by the UMD IO MPS to provide prospective applicants interested in IO psychology and UMD's IO MPS program an inside look into our program. Participants will get an opportunity to: observe a real class in the program (*presently available for current UMD students only), meet a current student, an alumnus of the program, and the program director. Our goal is to provide any individual interested in the UMD IO MPS an opportunity to learn more about our program. 
    • Note: we have currently paused all class observations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing to offer IOAP apprentices all other aspects of the program set up as virtual meetings. 


How can the Apprenticeship Program help me?

  • The IOAP will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of:
    • The kind of education and training our program provides
    • A day-in-the-life of our graduate students
    • What kind of job opportunities may be available to you after graduation
    • How the UMD IO MPS program could be the right fit for you


Who is the Apprenticeship Program for?

  • The IOAP is for any individual interested in IO psychology and learning more about UMD's IO MPS program.


I live out-of-state. Can I still participate in the Apprenticeship Program?

  • Yes! You will be able to participate in all the one-on-ones in the IOAP- virtual zoom rooms will be set up for your meetings with current students, alum, and the program director. 
  • However, the Observe a Class component will be available for current UMD students only at this time.
    • Note: all class observations have been paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Is it free to participate?

  • Yes, of course! The IOAP is free and accessible to any prospective applicant interested in the IO MPS program. 


Do I need to submit an application to participate in the Apprenticeship Program?

  • There is no formal application that needs to be submitted. You will only need to fill out the contact form and let us know that you would like to participate and provide some basic information, such as: your name, email, and how you heard about our program. 
  • You can fill out the contact form to participate here


Can I choose what class to observe?

  • We are not taking requests to join specific classes. All IOAP participants will be assigned a class to observe.


Do I have to participate in the Apprenticeship Program to apply for admission into the IO MPS program?

  • Absolutely not! You can directly apply for admission into the IO MPS program without participating in our Apprenticeship Program.


Will participating in the Apprenticeship Program improve my chances of admission?

  • Participants of the IOAP will not be given special consideration during admission. 
  • It is possible that participating in the IOAP could give you a better understanding of our program, which may affect how you approach your application, statement, and/ or other materials submitted for consideration for admission. 


What should I do after participating in the Apprenticeship Program?

  • We hope that you enjoyed participating in the IOAP! Our goal was for you to learn how we approach education and training of IO psychology and how we prepare our students to practice IO in the workplace, as well as what opportunities could be available to you after graduation. 
  • If you loved our program as much as we do and felt that the UMD IO MPS is the right fit for you, please apply for admission! 
  • Our Spring and Fall 2024 application cycle are open.