The IO Apprenticeship Program (IOAP) is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the UMD IO MPS program to get a "realistic job preview" of the realities of being a graduate student and getting a degree from our program. This is a program that is available and accessible to any prospective applicant interested in IO psychology and UMD's IO MPS program. Applicants are not required to participate in the Apprenticeship Program to apply for admission into the IO MPS program. The IO Apprenticeship Program meetings will be completed virtually, with the option for current UMD students to join and observe and in-person class as part of the IOAP.


A typical apprenticeship is a pathway program for individuals to get prepared to work in a particular field. Our IO Apprenticeship Program works similarly, but the objective is to provide insight into IO and prepare prospective applicants on what they can expect if they join our program. 

IO Apprenticeship Program Components 

To get a holistic understanding of our program, there are several components to the Apprenticeship Program that you will complete. *Please note that the class observation component is presently available for current UMD students only.

IOAP overview


Observe a Class on the UMD Campus - for current UMD students only

You will get a chance to observe a real class that is being held for our students. Attending a class will allow you to see how we approach instruction in the program, how we value learning, foster participation in class, and what can be expected of students. Class observations will only be done in person on the UMD campus given the collaborative and interactive nature of our classes. 

~3 hours

NOTE: We have currently paused offering class observations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely monitoring the situation and are hoping to restart this portion of the IOAP later this year. We are still able to offer all other parts of the IOAP.

Meet a Current Student

You will also get to meet a current student in our program. They will be able to provide you with details about a real "day in the life" as a graduate student in the program. They can also answer other questions you may have, such as about courses, time management in the program, developing experience, information about IO, etc. 

~20 minutes

Meet an Alumnus  

Our alumni have gone on to work in multiple sectors and industries or even gone on to obtain doctorate degrees after graduation. Alumni can provide you with information about their experiences in the program, how the program prepared them for their current role, how they decided on what field on IO to practice, etc. 

~20 minutes

Meet the Program Director 

The final part of the Apprenticeship Program will be a meeting with the program director. During this meeting, you will have a chance to ask any lingering questions you may have about the program, any individual questions you may have about your specific interests, or anything else.

30 minutes