We have curated some resource below to help applicants put together their application package. In addition to the online application and transcripts, admission to the IO MPS program requires the following documents:

  • Resume/ CV
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose 


Resume/ CV

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Letters of Recommendation

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Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose is your chance to tell us who you are outside of your academics. It's our chance to get to know the person behind each application. We garner information about an applicant from the different parts of your application package: transcripts, resume/ CV, letters of recommendations, and very importantly, your statement of purpose. Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell us about who you are beyond your academic background and grades.

Your statement should address the following questions: 

  • Tell us your personal narrative - your story of why you're pursuing IO and what brought you to this point. What are your reasons for undertaking graduate study at University of Maryland's IO Master's program? What do you plan to do with this degree?
  • What life experiences have prepared you to pursue a graduate degree at a large, diverse institution, such as UMD? You may care to include things like your community and family background, whether you are the first person in your family to pursue a higher education, or other factors that you feel would contribute to the diversity of our academic community. 
  • You may also wish to give the graduate admissions committee some examples of your determination to pursue your goals, your initiative and ability to develop ideas, and/ or your capacity for working through problems independently as well as within a team.
  • If you're looking to leave an existing graduate program you are presently enrolled in to join the UMD IO Master's program, please provide us with a little insight about how our program is better suited to help you on your academic and professional journey.  

Our recommendation for the length of a statement is between 2 - 5 pages, double-spaced. This is not a requirement, but we have found that this is an ideal length to address the most important points and give us a good profile of you. 


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